Our Sweet Start

Amelia Rude

Unbeadable Energies grew from the couch of my boyfriend and I’s house in Bloomington, Indiana. We are college students entering our senior year with ambitions to move to the big city, attend grad school, and continue a life together. My love for beading gemstone jewelry grew out of this same relationship. When we first began dating, we ordered a set of matching couples’ bracelets; when they wore out a year later, I decided that making our own replacements would be more personal. I ordered a bunch of beautiful beads which we later turned into a set of bracelets even more perfect than our last. Throughout the time we have spent together, the bracelets we have worn have always been a reminder of our love and commitment for one another and the positivity that we work to exchange every day. After a recent job change, my childhood love and passion for crystals and gemstones were reignited. My boyfriend and I received many compliments on our bracelets, and I decided that the perfect marriage of my love for crafting and creating, my fascination with gemstones and crystals, and my desire to make others as happy as my bracelets make me would be to create a service where I can provide others with their own unique, handcrafted, one-of-a-kind bracelets. I work hard to craft bracelets that are perfect for their recipient: to never make the same bracelet twice, to choose crystals based on what the wearer needs most, and to keep the love and passion alive in my art.